Balikpapan WorkshopIn addition to provide maximum support for drilling operation in Kalimantan area, Maxidrill Indonesia operates a branch operation office in Balikpapan. Logistics and supplies, Maintenance and Engineering Support as well as Spare Part and back up units provided 24X7 in the facility that consists of an office building and a workshop building. Logistics and SuppliesProvides full support in material availability and delivery to all operation sites in Kalimantan. Unit of LVs are ready to deliver goods to remote areas at anytime for a guarantee of satisfactory service and minimum down time.Maintenance and Engineering SupportDrill rigs are maintaned and prepared here with full support of our experienced mechanics.Spare Part and Back Up UnitsComplete line of Engine Spare Parts and Back Up Units provided and ready to be sent to project sites at anytime. Not only part of engines, we also provide a full drill rig unit as back up and other heavy equipment (tractors, etc).
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